Bath baby change table system by Little Bear®

Bath Baby & Change Nappies in the Ultimate Room - Your Bathroom!

Baby Bath Change Table System - you’ll love using it!

                              It sits over your bath out of your way & it’s always ready to
                                     bath, dry or change your baby’s nappies on!

Bath baby change table system - suitable for homes, flats, units, apartments, town houses


Little Bears® TUBmat®- The Ultimate Baby Bath Change Table System!

Imagine if you could bath, dry & change nappies for your newborn up until 4 years of age, comfortably standing upright & everything within arms reach. Imagine having a system that’s out of your way in your bathroom over your house bath close to taps, where filling & draining of the baby bath was effortless. Now picture how convenient changing nappies would be having water close by & imagine how easy cleaning & freshening will be with all those accidents & smells that occur, compared to the nursery. Little Bears® answer is the smart looking TUBmat®, a clever solution that will help make all these tasks trouble-free.

Little Bears® latest TUBmat® is simply the safest, best baby bath change table system that you can buy on the planet that eliminates kneeling down & bending over your house bath for the next 3 - 4 years. The TUBmat® compared to using the house bath will also save you between $120.00 - $240.00 per year (2011 costs) on the extra water & the energy to heat that water & it’s competitive in costs with other change tables.

TUBmat® sits over your bath saving space!

Bath baby change table system by Little Bear® is the worlds sturdiest! Due to its design & construction Little Bears® baby bath change table is rock solid & will sit out of the way safely over your house bath. The TUBmat’s® Aluminum Legs with Non-Slip Feet simply sit on the corner areas of your bath or on the tiled areas around the bath & it’s not attached to your bath allowing it to be removed at any time.

The TUBmat® in its bathing position!

TUBmat® - the latest, best, safest baby bath! This photo shows the TUBmat® sitting on a bath with the Sliding Change Mat locked in a position exposing the baby bath for bathing baby. You can set the bath to the left or right side of the change mat.

Filling it with water is a breeze!

Filling the TUBmat® baby bath is a breeze! Due to it’s location close to taps in your bathroom, filling the bath is quick & easy . Slip the 2 meter long TUBmat® Hose onto your vanity tap to fill the bath and remove the hose when you’re finished.

You’ll love how it drains!

You’ll love how the latest TUBmat® baby bath drains! As you can imagine, draining the bath will be so easy and trouble-free. Simply pull the drain plug and the water will drain into your bath tub below, while you’re drying your baby, saving precious time.

BATHING - bath your newborn up until around the age of 4!

The TUBmat® baby bath eliminates this old fashioned bathing problem! The TUBmat® is the world’s sturdiest baby bath change system with the largest bath that will sit over your house bath. You’ll be able to stand comfortably while bathing your newborn up to around the age of 4. You’ll find it such a pleasure to use since it’s always set up in your bathroom ready to use, it just needs filling. You’ll also enjoy having both hands free for shampooing hair, washing your baby’s body and playing, etc.

We hear from many parents when buying a TUBmat® who purchased baby baths on stands or combination bath changers lasting as little as 2 months. The short life span is due to manufacturers competing on price where sturdiness, quality & size are neglected. You’ll see this when looking around, how small the baths are, how flimsy & how much they wobble. The bigger issue is where can you set up in a wet area & have enough room to move around & use them. Read More...

Parents become frustrated with all the work involved, that is; pushing from the nursery to a wet area for bathing & back again for nappy changing, filling & draining issues, packing & setting up all the time followed by baby outgrowing the bath quickly forcing them from this point onwards towards 2 options. Using the house bath in an uncomfortable kneeling down bent over position for the next 3 - 4 years or the TUBmat® that allows bathing a child from newborn up until 4 years of age while comfortably standing & saving lots of money. The TUBmat® is a clever long term solution that you’ll love to use & be proud & excited to show & recommend to all your friends.

Shampooing & rinsing would have to be the hardest part during bath-time using the house bath when down on your knees. Read More

The baby bath that makes sense - you’ll love it

BATH BABY THEN DRY- it’s the safest way!

You have decided bath time has finished and it is drying time however, your baby may not agree becoming angry wanting to escape from you, so it’s important to reduce the time in your grip because a baby is slippery when wet. The answer is to have the drying area close to the bath with no fiddling involved.

The TUBmat® change mat is right next to the bath waiting for your wet baby. Unlike using a house bath, there is no getting up from a bent over kneeling down position while holding your wet baby. The TUBmat® is quick, simple and involves no risk taking.

The safest baby bath & dry system on this planet!


The hard old fashioned way that doesn’t make sense anymore, there’s a smart alternative! Baby’s sleep a lot for the first year so it can be difficult arranging suitable bathing times that suits Mum & Dads schedule. When using a house bath there are 2 choices once bathing ends. You either have to stand up while holding your wet slippery baby from that uncomfortable kneeling down bent over position & carry baby to the drying area or you pick baby up out of the bath, twist around & pass baby over to your partner.

The TUBmat® allows you to bath & dry your baby on your own at any suitable time Lifes much easier with Little Bears® TUBmat®!
without a struggle, unlike using a house bath that requires both parents.

CHANGING NAPPIES- your bathroom has everything you’ll need!

The Baby Change table for the ultimate room - Your Bathroom!! Where do you change baby? Considering you’ll change more nappies than bath, in fact you’ll change more than 2000 nappies in the 1st year, atleast 6 per day. Since you’ll be changing that many nappies per day and you will be changing nappies up until your child turns 3 years of age, the best area in your home that has everything close by that you will need like water, towels etc, and is a wet area for easy cleaning when accidents occur, has to be the bathroom.

The worlds safest baby Changing Table! There are 2 areas on both sides of the change mat where you can store all of your necessities that will be at arms length with no bending down searching for things. If you decide to use cloth nappies there is loads of space for folding & since you are in your bathroom close to taps you’ll be able to wash & dry your hands & then dress your baby. Bathrooms are the most logical location for changing nappies with plenty of storage space.

The ultimate baby change table for when accidents occur! One of the many advantages to changing nappies in the bathroom, is when accidents occur. Accidents are 100% guaranteed especially with a boy. Changing your baby in the bathroom, a wet area, is a clever way to eliminate the huge clean ups. Imagine the time involved if it occurs in the baby’s room with carpet, the cot close by, sheets, clothes etc. They all would need cleaning/washing. Change your baby in the bathroom and you’ll cleverly avoid this.

TUBmat® Eliminates Constant Smelly Nursery Problem!

The baby changing table that simply makes sense! Changing nappies in the nursery creates a constant foul odour in that room. Putting your baby to sleep in a smelly nursery leads to uncertainty whether your baby has actually re-soiled their nappy & gone to sleep.

Changing your baby in the bathroom on the TUBmat® will cleverly avoid this issue & your baby can go to sleep in a nice fresh room. At your leisure, you can clean & freshen your bathroom & when checking on your baby if re-soiling has occured you’ll know by the smell. This stops your baby sleeping for hours with a dirty nappy eliminating nappy rash.

Change Table Safety Features!

The worlds safest baby changing table! The TUBmat® changing table is the best safest change table that you can buy on this planet with many Safety Features never seen before! Click the photo for info.

The TUBmat® is always ready for bathing or changing nappies

The only baby change table thats ready for bathing or changing nappies! Little Bears® TUBmat® will always be ready for any occasion, whether you need to bath or change your baby’s nappy. All parents experience the messy nappy where it’s all up their back & down their legs and all you want to do is bath them. With the TUBmat®, you can give your baby a quick clean followed by a bath. There won’t be any wheeling around or setting up in another room, the TUBmat® is always ready, just fill the bath while watching baby and bath away. You’ll love your TUBmat® for this!

The TUBmat® model range fits 99% of baths around the world.

There are 11 different sized TUBmat® Baby bath change table systems! Little Bear® has 11 models (sizes) in the range to cater for different bath sizes together with a variety of leg types to choose from, to suit your height. When you go to the fully automated Buy/Quote section of this website, you’ll be asked for your baths height & your height. The website will recommend which legs will suit you from its Adjustable and Fixed Height leg range, so that your system will be set up at your recommended ergonomic comfort height.

TUBmat®....Guaranteed to fit!

Little Bears® TUBmat® Baby bath change table systems are guranteed to fit! Bath tubs are made a certain way to be fitted correctly by a plumber & the TUBmat® has been designed for that criteria including all the various bathroom designs. Determining which model you will require is very simple. When you’re ready click this Buy/Quote link & follow the easy steps to determine your suitable model.

Little Bears® TUBmat®- The money saver

 Using the TUBmat® will save you $120 - $240 per year

Little Bears® TUBmat® The Baby Bath Change Table that will save you money, Guranteed! The smart way to save money on your electricity/gas & water bills. (2011 costs)

Read More......Click to show/hide.

Little Bear® Sturdy Tough TUBmat® holds the weight of an adult

The toughest baby bath change table system on this planet! The TUBmat® weighs 45 kilos & is constructed with high quality materials & is unbelievably sturdy & tough. The TUBmat® has Non-Marking, Non-Slip Rubber Silicon Feet that completely eliminate any movement on a bath. It would require an extremely hard knock to move it a little & if this occured the TUBmat® could only move backwards towards the back wall of your bath, stopping it there. It’s staggering rock solid heavy duty construction, takes the weight of an adult, of over 100 kilos! Little Bear® designed the TUBmat® with your baby’s safety in mind & we know you’ll love it!

Little Bear® recently launched its Series II model with great success!

The latest baby bath change table from Little Bear®! COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND
Little Bears® latest Series II system is nothing short of outstanding & the Company backs it with an Industry Leading Guarantee. For additional peace of mind, Little Bear® backs every one of its TUBmat® systems with an industry leading comprehensive warranty- including 5-years on all structural components, plus a hefty LIFETIME-yearcover on its HDPE Rock Solid Plastic Top, Safety Side Lid & Slider Components.

No House Bath - Here is a great solution!

Have you wondered how you will bath your little one without a house bath. The TUBmat® Free Standing floor model has longer legs allowing the TUBmat® to be set up in any room of your home. The TUBmat® will help you bath your newborn up until the age of 4. From that point onwards your toddler will be shower ready. More Information

TUBmat®- the best solution to not having a house bath.

The TUBmat® is perfectly suited for when you have a vanity/toilet next to your bath tub!
TUBmat® is perfectly suited for when you have a vanity right next to your bath tub..

SOLID, STURDY CONSTRUCTION....for your peace of mind

Little Bears® over the house bath baby bath change table system!

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